Friday, July 27, 2007

Pre-existing conditional love

The Web site provides a dating service for health conditions including HIV, herpes, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, deafness, alcoholism and obesity.

The message that is spread throughout much of the site is that when it comes to dating with a health condition, people want someone who is in a similar condition to theirs. This allows for a greater amount of support and understanding.

I agree with that sentiment, but I can't help but wonder if the people using this particular site could be limiting themselves. Or if people who do not suffer from such diseases lack the compassion to date someone who may be a great person but has an ailment.

Understandably, sometimes the question is not one of compassion, but simply one of knowing yourself. Some people know they don't have the patience to endure inevitable bouts of illness or possible relapses. For others, it's a fear for their own health. There are also those who question whether or not they can provide the level of committment it takes to be with someone, especially when it's a terminal illness.

But I see nothing wrong with people with conditions seeking love inside and outside the box. And I see nothing wrong with loving these people. (Disclaimer: I'm also not saying that I know what I would do if placed in the situation.)

Have you ever dated someone with a health condition and how did you cope? Could you see yourself dating someone with any of the health conditions? Do you have a health condition and how does it affect your dating life?


Rose said...

That's a tricky question. If I knew about a pre-existing condition early on, I would be less committed and less likely to stick with it because of all the baggage that comes with it. However, if it is kept a secret for too long, then there's a trust issue. If I truly loved someone who had an incurable illness, I would like to think I would stick by them. But that would take a person of great strength, and even I'm not sure if I'm that strong.

Anonymous said... is a bogus website!!! Don't you check your resources before you post them??????? Where is Roxy???????

Anonymous said... is not a Bogus Website. Why would You say that, and why don't you check YOUR resources before you post!
This is a great website.
Check it out for yourself, and find out WHY it was created.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with prescription4love? It seems to me that it's a great idea for people who need help finding partners who understand their condition. It's people like the anonymous person above who clearly wouldn't be understanding at all.

Stormie said...

I require tests before I'm intimate with anyone. If there was a condition- I would really discuss it with the person. I think it depends on how safe we could be and where the relationship is going. If it's just a fling, I don't think I would go there.

nym said...

if i were in a relationship with someone & found out that he had a condition i would like to say that i would be compassionate & understanding. but honsetly, i dont know. chances are i would run for the hills if i found out early on. but if it were something like cancer or something and we were already established i would try & make it work. but it all depends on the person, the feelings associated with that person, and quite frankly the condition.

Anonymous said...

I understand the concerns about aids, of course cancer... but... irritable bowel syndrome???? Come on!
Would you doubt dating someone with hay fever??

Having said that. Those things are better spoken of as early as possible. Important things I mean.

And then again, if there is love, I mean... LOVE, the couple can cope with everything. I know because I have a disabling chronic illness too.

Anonymous said...

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